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Students who have learned to drive with Cantor’s Driving School often write or email, post reviews online, after they pass their drivers test or start driving more and using the things they learned, to tell us about their experiences. Below are some of those testimonials. Thanks to all these enthusiastic students and parents for their comments!

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David B.

“My son Isaiah just passed his Pennsylvania drivng test with flying colors. We had been patiently working with him for a year and a half to be a safe driver. As the test date approached, we contacted the Cantor Driving School to give Isaiah the final pointers he needed to pass the test. We got so much more from his driving instructor Kevin. Kevin gave Isaiah many pointers to be a safe thoughtful and patient driver. He is now a well trained defensive driver, thanks to Cantor’s Driving School.”


“I had Mindy as my driving instructor and she was actually great. I give her almost all the credit to me getting my license. Mindy knows how to make the driver feel safe and comfortable in such a small setting and time period and she really was able to teach me all I felt I needed to know about driving on the road. She was so helpful!”


“Had an amazing experience with Cantor’s. I wouldn’t have gotten my license the first time without the best instructor Gaetano. He made me feel comfortable with driving after the first lesson. After the first lesson Gaetano made me feel more confident about driving and that I could actually get my license in a week’s worth of time. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to parallel park, but he taught me the simple way so now I can. He gave me the challenges that I needed to see that I was able to do everything that I didn’t think or was scared of. His personality was what made me feel comfortable each lesson. Even though he was strict with things he also was funny and that helped me stay calm. I thought he was a great instructor and as I drive I will remember everything he taught me so that I keep improving. Also, I am thinking of scheduling another lesson with Gaetano so I get comfortable driving on highways. I haven’t stopped talking about my experience, how happy I was with the service and that Gaetano helped me get my license the first time. ”


“I loved Mindy! She was so nice and taught me exactly what I needed to know to pass my drivers test! She prepared me well and that’s all I really needed! I was recommended by my friends to use Cantor’s and I will definitely continue to recommend it to newer drivers!”


“I am so glad my mom signed me up for driving lessons with Cantors! My instructors, especially Mindy, helped me learn how to drive. She helped me become a confident driver on normal roads and on highways. Mindy taught me how to parallel park and she took me to the actual driving test. I couldn’t have done it without Cantor’s.”


“It was great! My instructor, Mindy, was really helpful and also super nice. Every lesson was not only a learning experience, but also a fun one! I was definitely very prepared for my test, and I feel like I am also prepared to be a driver in general. I recommend Cantor’s Driving School to any new drivers.”


“I highly recommend Gaetano at Cantor’s Driving School. Gaetano was my daughter’s instructor. He was very thorough, he teaches students how to drive not just how to pass the test. After every lesson he discussed with me the areas my daughter needed to work on. He genuinely cares about putting safe drivers on the road. When he felt she was ready for the test he went over what she should expect which helped her relax. His parallel parking method made it easy to learn and she passed the test on the first try!! We could not have had a more positive experience and I have peace of mind knowing my daughter is an educated and confident driver.”


“My experience with Cantors Driving School was great! I worked with two instructors Mike and Mindy. Mike was my friend’s driving teacher and she told me to ask for him so I did. He really helped me with getting out of my comfort zone with driving and practice the things I was afraid to. Every time I had a lesson with him I really felt my skills improved. Then I also had a few lessons with Mindy she was really nice and helped me with my confidence level while driving. She helped me work on the things I struggled with, in a way that did not feel negative and critical. She was patient and supportive and really helpful when I had questions. Over all my experience with Cantor’s Driving School was great they were on time, informative, helpful, and good teachers. ”


“My experience with Cantor’s was amazing! I started out with another company and switched over to Cantor’s and I’m SO glad I did. Mindy was my instructor and after just a couple lessons with her I transformed into a confident and defensive driver, and my parents were so pleased with my driving. Going to the course with Mindy at Granite Run before my test helped me pass my driver’s test with flying colors the first time! My sister will be getting her permit next year and my mom can’t wait to use Cantor’s again.”


“I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your driving instructor Sean taking such good care of our daughter with driving lessons last night. He was very friendly and professional. Maddie was really nervous about what it would be like to be with someone she didn’t know for 2 hours while driving around and she said that she was immediately put at ease by Sean’s friendly manner. Thank you also for your responsive, kind manner in which you dealt with my numerous emails. I will definitely refer friends/family to you who have driving age children!”

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